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25/06/2012 - MK Springers Competition

In the MK Springers Competition on 10 June 2012 Cary came up as the Judge and Katherine and I went up as the coaches to Milton Keynes.

Joanne Tattersall, Shelby Joseph, Katie Momber, Libby Hoare, Gem-Elyse Little and Amy Alder competed in the 6 Routine and came 1st out of 4 sixes competing

Our new Womens Trio of Alice Webb, Chloe Lawrenson and Ella Rolls competed and came 1st out of 5 trios competing at Prep B

Our new pair of Daisy Lee and Suzannah Fielding competed at Grade 1 and came 5th (just missing 4th by .05) out of 11 competing


John Murray & Jenny Gilbert - 1st in the Veteran's Mixed Pairs at Basingstoke on 10 June 2012. Lee went up as their coach for the day.

Full Competition results are available here

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