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09/12/2014 - Gala: Well Done And Thank You To All Gymnasts

Each year the gymnasts anxiously wait for the news as to what theme the great Southampton Gymnastics annual gala will take. It never ceases to amaze me how positively and excitedly the gymnasts enter fully into the spirit of galas themes. This year, the gymnasts would perform to wide ranging melodies - “Music from Around the World”. From Mexican Hats to African Tribes and American Cheerleaders to the famous Gangnam Style song, the gymnasts embraced the essence with such eagerness and fun………….. it was amazing to see.

Gymnasts – you had the opportunity to perform, display and show great gymnastics skills and freedom of dance movement. More than that though, you gave each and every member of the audience a memorable and fantastic show of ability, skill, confidence and utter enjoyment.

Through your hard work, practice after practice, you truly made a great start to the audience and each other’s festive season.


Keri Llewellyn
Southampton Gymnastics
Technical Director

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