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01/05/2019 - Fundraising Update May 2019


Southampton Gymnastics Club: Fundraising Update May 2019


Thank you for reading our first ‘Fundraising Update’ for 2019.

We have had a busy year already and 2019 is looking to be an exciting one for SGC fundraising. Southampton Gymnastics Club is a non-profit organisation which relies on the kind support of its members to help raise additional funds to support events and to purchase new equipment.

This year fundraising has focused on raising money to replace the broken vending machine for the reception area. Vending machines are not cheap and we have been working hard to achieve our target of £1200. As of the beginning of May the total we have raised is just over £900. This is thanks to your generosity - what an amazing achievement; thank you!  A vending machine will not only supply snacks and drinks to gymnasts and parents but will be a consistent source of income for the club. Profit made from the vending machine will be reinvested into the club.

Our next project is to purchase a AED Defibrillator for the club. This is a vital piece of equipment which could save a life. We are looking for potential sponsorship for this purchase and are working hard to raise money to be able to acquire this as soon as possible.

We are always looking for new members to join the fundraising team; please do attend a fundraising meeting which is open to all members’ parents/grandparents from all classes. If you are unable to attend a meeting there is a suggestion box on the fundraising notice board. Thank you for the fantastic suggestions so far.  We would be keen to speak to the retired teachers who suggested a gymnast party; you didn’t leave your names!).

An easy way to help would be to volunteer at the Club competition in June. We are running lots of fun stalls and activities which will only be possible with many hands on deck. If you feel able to offer some time please do make yourself known to the office staff or email direct to Anna@sotongym.co.uk.



The winner of the Design a Mascot competition was Caroline Hodgson. Well done Caroline! Fred will be making his debut appearance at the Club Competition in June. 

Last month saw the first winners of the SGC’s Lucky Ball! This is a monthly draw for the chance to win three cash prices. Half of the takings go towards the club fundraising goal and the rest is split into prices. The more numbers sold the bigger the cash prize. If you would like to enter the lucky ball please do ask at reception; £2 per number. We hope more people will take up this fun way to support the club.

Other exciting events this year have been the ‘Mothers Day Kitchen’ which raised £77, and the Easter Raffle and Name the Bunny - well done to Charlotte Knightly who won our beautiful Bunny.

The Race Night was a lot of fun; considering there was a very small turnout we still managed to raise £140. It was lovely to see some faces of the past there supporting the club when their gymnasts have moved on.



Thank you for reading our Fundraising update and for all your continued support in both taking part and running events. This would not be possible without you!

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